Chris Sledzik has been canoeing all his life. He has been working at Kooch-i-ching for two years and is an avid fisherman. Last year he accompanied Jeremy on a trip from Red Lake to Lake Winnipeg down the Bloodvein River.
Sam Harrison has been coming to Kooch-i-ching for eight summers. He was a C.I.T. last year, and has participated in one portage cutting trip. He paddled the Seal River once in 2005, and again in 2006.


Chase Edgerton has been at camp Kooch-i-ching for eleven summers. He was on the “Trans-Manitoba” canoe trip, which included the Chochrane, Thlewiaza, and Caribou Rivers. He has also paddled the North Knife River. He has recently completed advanced swift water rescue, technical ropes rescue, and wilderness E.M.T.
Robert Woodhull has spent his last eight summers at Kooch-i-ching. He was also a C.I.T. last summer and he paddled the North Knife River in 2005. He has participated in two portage cutting trips.
Jeremy Harrison is a high school art teacher at the Rivers School in Massachusetts. He has 14 summers of canoeing experience at camp Kooch-i-ching. He has paddled the Seal and Winisk rivers, and last summer he canoed a section of the Thelon River.
Alex Harrison has also experienced eight summers at Camp Kooch-i-ching, and he was a C.I.T. last summer. He has participated in two portage cutting trips, and has canoed the North Knife River.