The Trans-Arctic Canoe Expedition developed from the passionate wilderness experiences gained by its six members at Camp Kooch-i-ching, a canoeing and wilderness camp based in International Falls, Minnesota. Over the years we have dreamed of an extended expedition through the Canadian tundra. We have internalized one of the campís principles of leaving a place in better condition than the way it was found. We have a desire to go beyond experiencing and appreciating the wilderness to a place where our collective passions are oriented toward preserving it. To achieve our goals we have developed an expedition through the arctic to raise awareness about environmental issues in the area and to raise money for World Wildlife Fund Ė Canada (WWF-Canada), an organization devoted to protecting habitat, fighting climate change, and combating pollution in the arctic. Our mission is to raise awareness about the dangers threatening the delicate arctic region, particularly by mines and oil prospecting, climate change, and toxic pollution. Our goal is to raise $30,000 for WWF-Canada. In addition, we plan to donate much of our equipment to Camp Kooch-i-ching upon completion of the trip.